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Wireless Internet in Spain

Do you live in el campo? Connecting people to the internet who do is not quite as straight forward as in the Costas.

The telecommunications infrastructure in many of the small villages that dot the mountainsides, and many other places, is limited or virtually non-existant. There are various solutions however with regards to getting online in such places. Wireless broadband is a life saver in places that arent connected and technically the solutions offered by some of the companies that do it can often exceed whats on offer from some of the big providers. Although you can probably expect to pay more for the service

Satellite wireless connection

There are quite a few providers offering this type of internet connection. A small dish usually sits on top of the house and connects to a transmitter located within a few miles. Usually this type of technology requires a clear line of site to the transmitter for it to function correctly.

Connecting to the internet via your mobile phone

Vodafone offer this kind of service and you will need a special adaptor / card to be able to do this. This type of connection is a bit more expensive than a hard wired connection and quite a bit slower. Vodafone’s 3G network now offers this service in Spain for approx. 50€ per month