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Wine from Navarra

They say that Navarra is an entire wine universe in miniature. What best characterises the Navarran wines is their diversity, within a relatively small area of vineyards.

Diverse climates, soils, grape varieties and styles. Traditionally-shaped wines alongside modern, almost futuristic variations.

The dominant Garnacha variety of grape in Navarra found a natural (and very profitable) outlet in Rosé wines, thanks to the efforts of a group of wine makers who managed to uplift the image of a wine that was fast in decline.

Today's Navarran Rosés, fresh, light, cheerful and full of flavor, are a far cry from the alcoholic wines with a tendency to oxidation that were being produced more than a decade ago.

Navarra Wine Producers

A handful of wine makers have opted for reds (not an easy option considering the proximity of the Rioja region) and whites fermented in the barrel. Some of the Navarran producers, such as Guelbenzu, Julian Chivite, Magana, Luis Gurpegui Muga or Castillo de Monjardin, convinced by the new guidelines in the world market for quality wines, have had no problem breaking into the circle of imitators of Rioja.

The Garnacha continues its dominance here, occupying almost two thirds of the vineyards, but it has little part to play in the aging of red wines with its tendency towards oxidation letting it down.

Also present in this region are the Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot red grapes, which are better adapted for the aging process. And the climatic conditions favor the production of very fine quality whites, usually with a Chardonnay base