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Guide to starting a business in Spain

Once upon a time the only Britons heading for Spain were those who were planning to retire there. Not any more. Today, a growing number of younger people are moving to Spain to set up their own businesses.

Spain is still one of the most popular places for people to launch their own business start-up.

The number of people looking to set up businesses in Spain is increasing all the time” said Jose Morillo, director of investment at the Spanish embassy. His department receives over 1,500 enquiries a year.

While the image of Brits buying pubs or bars on the Spanish coast still holds true, Morillo said people are going into a whole range of sectors, including construction, hairdressing, retailing, information technology and leisure, with scuba diving being particularly popular at the moment.

Setting up a business in Spain is straightforward, but it can be time-consuming making sure you have all the correct forms and licences. And there is the language barrier if you are not fluent in Spanish although in places such as the Costa del Sol this is not quite as critical.