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Sky and other Satellite TV services in Spain

Sky TV LogoFor the expats who live in Spain, Sky TV is as much a part of their lives here as it was in the UK and it has blossomed over the last decade or so into a huge business, albeit under the table. And whilst we have seen numerous reports and rumours that Sky is actually trying to secure a license from the Spanish government nothing has yet been confirmed as true.

If one day Sky TV is actually able to secure this official license, they will have a huge stock of customers waiting to sign up and do everything direct without worrying whether they are paying too much for the installation, of if the equipment they are buying will break down.

Or maybe Sky will be forced into action because someone somewhere isn't getting the taxes that they are due? Again it depends on what you read and who you believe but reports did appear claiming that attempts were made to narrow the satellite signal, making it harder to receive outside the UK. If this is true, then so far it hasn't worked and we're very happy that it hasn't!

Hopefully whatever happens, we will continue to receive our beloved Sky signal in Spain and if it's not through a satellite dish then perhaps it will be through the internet? (Although Spain has some way to go before that's a possibility - in Andalucia anyway)

Until we know more we would like to offer some help and guidance to all of you who are thinking about installing Sky TV in your home in Spain or would like information about other ways to get your English speaking TV. See below for our Guide to getting Sky TV in Spain.