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Museums of Cordoba

A selection of some of the museums and interesting sights worth seeing on offer in Cordoba including the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Arts.

The Archaeological Museum

Inside of an Renaissance palace and specially interesting for the old-iberian Lion of Nueva Cartella, the Roman Head of Drusus, the visigothic Treasure of Donjimeno and the Arabian bronze Stag of Medina Azahara.

The Museum of Arts

In the interior of the old Hospital de la Caridad de los Reyes Catolicos, there is an important collection of paintings and sculptures from Zurbaran, Murillo, Goya, Sorolla and Mateo Inurria among others.

The Museum of Julio Romero de Torres

A museum dedicated to this painter, who is known specially for his pictures of the Woman from Cordoba.

The Palace of Viana

Contains an extraordinary collection of furniture, tapestries, porcelains, ceramics and paintings and a cynegetic library of over 7000 volumes. The building itself impresses with its 14 courtyards with beautiful gardens.

The Central Squares

Of particular interest to visitors are the Plaza de las Tendillas (the central square in the town with a clock that sounds like a guitar), the Plaza de la Corredera, where in the 17th century bullfights took place and the Plaza del Potro (widely known from Cervante's Don Quijote)

The Roman Ruins

In Calle Claudio Marcelo there are the remains of a Roman Temple and in the North-East of the town there are more ruins close to the Tower of Malmuerte.
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