Arrange your mortgage early on and save money

If you are serious about buying a property in Spain then you should start arranging your mortgage almost before you do anything else.

Leaving the financial side of your Spanish property purchase until the end does you no favours whatsoever. If you leave it too late and have to arrange your Spanish mortgage in a rush and under pressure, it is likely that you will get an expensive and inflexible Spanish mortgage. And never forget that Spanish mortgages run for many years so you will have to live with the consequences of your decision for years to come.

The advantages of arranging your Spanish mortgage at the start of your property search are as follows:

  • It costs you nothing to start early.
  • Forward planning helps you clarify the advantages and disadvantages of taking out a mortgage in Spain and make the best decision as to how much, if at all, to borrow.
  • Arranging your mortgage in good time allows you to find the deal that best suits your requirements and avoids overpaying.
  • By taking steps to arrange your mortgage at the start you will have a better idea of how much you can spend on your Spanish property and can work out the likely future financial implications of your purchase.
  • Having your mortgage in place reduces the risk of you losing a property that has cost you so much to find and also means one less source of anxiety and pressure when you are trying to close on your dream home.

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