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Births & Deaths in Spain

Some important issues for consideration regarding births and deaths in Spain


A baby born in Spain needs a Spanish birth certificate (Extracto de inscripcion de nacimiento), regardless of the nationality of its parents.

You can register your baby at the 'Registro Civil', of the town where the birth took place and they will tell you what more you will have to do. With this birth certificate you can then go to the consulate of your home country in Spain and report the birth.


When a death occurs in the family, it is always a trying time, but it should not be more difficult in Spain than in your home country. It is always best to plan ahead by arranging your Spanish will, choosing a cemetery, contacting a funeral director, take out insurance and sharing all the arrangements with your partner and those close to you. The doctor in the hospital, or the physician at your home will prepare the death certificate, which must be officially issued by a Spanish judge. As in most other countries the funeral director will be aware that the family is distraught when a loved one has died. They will take over all the responsibilities including the paperwork. Often one phone call is enough to start the process.

It is worth considering insuring against the costs of funerals or the death of a family member as in Spain (as in other countries) the family are responsible if no provision has been made to cover these costs

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