Culinary & Tourism Project Manger in Barcelona

Reference: Job58385

Our company specialize in developing websites for food markets around the world. We have already covered the best food markets in Israel and we are now making our first step into Barcelona, Spain
We would like to develop and operate a tourism-oriented site for the La Boqueria market in Barcelona, specialized on culinary tours and products

We are looking for a local project leader who will manage all aspects of developing and maintaining the site and operation

Developing the site involves many visits to the market, developing close relationships with the vendors, working closely with tour operators in Barcelona, involves content writing, social media and more

This key person should answer the following criteria:

1. At least 18 months commitment - starting part time and going into a full time basis
2. Fantastic communication skills
3. Past experience in marketing & sales
4. Good sense of business skills
5. Love to work independently with no "boss" around
6. Mother-tounge writing skills in at least Spanish or English
7. Previous experience in project management / as a project manager

1. Spanish
2. English
3. Catalan - advantage