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Travel Insurance in Spain

According to the new British Behaviour Abroad report, many of the British people who travel abroad have no travel insurance – and do little preparation.

This is according to the Foreign Office’s new “British Behavior Abroad” report, issued today. The report is based upon feedback from British tourists and residents between April 2009 / March 2010.

Worringly, around 20% of British tourists and residents don’t bother with holiday or travel insurance at all

Jeremy Browne, Foreign Minister, was interviewed about the Foreign Office's recent report on the behaviour of British tourists abroad.

He said:

"You’d be amazed for example how many people go abroad without any travel insurance or if they do go with travel insurance quite often go with one that doesn’t cover all their conditions, that they haven’t read the small print, and that applies to older people as well as younger people."

“A bit of preparation before you go, such as arranging travel insurance and checking our website, will ensure you get the most out of your trip without bad memories and big bills”.

He went on to say:

"Talking about mopeds and travel insurance let’s just hear the story of twenty three year old Dean from Derby who had to be home, flown home from Malia in Crete after being knocked off his moped.  And he says people shouldn’t just go for the cheapest option when choosing holiday insurance."

Dean (Derby):  I was dropping a friend off home and then literally on the way back that’s when the car hit me.  Before I knew it my head was in the window and then my bike was bouncing all over the place.  I screamed for a bit but then the pain kind of stopped and I just accepted that, I’m going to die.  One of the workers that are out there who’s in the apartment block opposite me, he came running out, dragged me off the bike, and then they called the ambulance.

I suggest that anybody to get insurance and actually look in to the insurance and see what it does cover because twenty pound insurance may not necessarily be the best one.

An important extract from this interview about the importance of having the right holiday / travel insurance:

Rachel Burden (RB) | Jeremy Browne (JB)

JB:  … I mean it’s not just younger people …

RB:  … so much on going on holiday don’t you that I, I can understand why when it comes to things like travel insurance and so on that you kind of tend to think well, you know what insurance cover do I need?

JB:  That’s right and people go for the cheaper one but they should try and look in to the details.  I mean I’ll give you an example with, with an older person, is what you quite often get is that people don’t declare their existing medical conditions …

RB:  Right.

JB:  … it’s not just older people but that might well apply more often with older people.  And of course their insurance is then null and void if that is relevant to their claim. So they think that they’ve done best by making the, you know, the cheapest, the twenty, twenty five pound insurance package but when it comes to the bill for thousands and thousands of pounds for medical cover that they need abroad they find their insurance doesn’t cover them at all.

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