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The EHIC card - temporary health care cover and insurance whilst visiting Spain

If you and any members of your family visit Spain (or any other country in the EEA) you need to make sure you have the EHIC - European Health Insurance Card to cover any potential medical treatment you may need during your visit.

 Ensure that you have adequate cover on your trip to Spain and ensure that your EHIC card (formerly E111) is valid.

 The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which is a replacement for the E111 form, entitles you to healthcare in all EEA countries (European Economic Area*) at reduced cost or sometimes free of charge.

*Including special conditions agreements with Switzerlandand Gibraltar

All UK residents should carry the EHIC card with them when while travelling and you should check that it is still valid before you travel.  The EHIC card is free to apply for and valid for up to 5 years. You must apply for your new EHIC card before it expires and can renew up to six months before this date.

Image of the European Health Insurance CardWhat the EHIC card covers and what it doesn't

 The EHIC card does not include private treatment or other privately run services and doesn't allow you to go abroad specifically to receive medical attention however the following health issues are covered:

  • Routine maternity care
  • Treatment for long-term and pre-existing conditions such as kidney dialysis

In order to apply for the EHIC card you must have the NHS or NI (National Insurance) number, surname or family name, forenames and Date of Birth of each applicant.  You can apply for more than one EHIC card at the same time for:

  • Yourself
  • Your partner
  • Children under 18 in full-time education.

You can also apply for the EHIC card by phone on 0845 606 2030. (In some locations EHIC applications are only possible by post)

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