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Surely one of the best things about being in Spain is the amount of sunshine and blue sky we get.

After every winter (which usually lasts about a month, and the temperature is only slightly colder than before) we rejoice when the lovely warm air returns, the pool starts to heat up, the birds are singing in the trees again and a rainbow of colours returns to the garden at which point we pause to breathe it all in and thank our lucky stars that we live in Spain.

El Jardin / The garden

One thing thats obvious when you visit Spain is that the Spanish are fiercely proud of el jardin (garden) and spend hours tending and pruning to make them just so. From the small apartments in narrow cobbled streets to the big villas in Sierra Blanca, greenery, colour and luscious scent abounds.

Our beautiful garden from 2007 until 2009

Stunning green lawns and beautifully manicured window displays are almost as iconically Spanish as the image of the Bull that you see on the hills. Walk through the old town of Marbella towards Los Naranjos, the pretty square in the middle lined with cafes, and you'll pass endless window displays of colour and dilligence, pristinely cultivated.

Or take a stoll through any Plaza mayor and take note of the attention the Adjuntamiento (Local Council) pays to the floral arrangements and smooth and tidy grass bedding that line the walk ways.

The colour, smells and well being that comes from such surroundings is uniquely Spanish and I miss it when Im away, which fortunately isnt very often anymore.

El Jardinero (The Gardener)

One of the best things about hiring your own gardener in Spain is that it doesnt have to cost a fortune. And mostly, they will also keep the swimming pool nice and tidy. Most gardens, even the some big ones, dont need more than a few hours a week. Many villas and community gardens come with irrigation buried under the grass which means watering it is just a turn of the tap.