Fiestas in Extremadura

Encamisa - 16 January - Navalvilar de Pela, Badajoz

Riders on horse back parade around town, where bonfires are set alight for the occasion.

Las Carantonas - 20 January - Achehuche, Caceres

(Above) During the fiesta of St Sebastian, the Carantonas take to the streets of the town dressed up in animal skins, with their faces covered by grotesque masks designed to make them look terrifying. They represent the wild beasts which have said to have left the saint unharmed.

Pero Palo - Carnival February/March - Villanueva de la Vera, Caceres

In this ancient ritual a wooden figure dressed in a suit and representing the devil is paraded around the streets and then destroyed - except for the head, which is reused the year after.

Los Empalaos - Maudy Thursday - Valverde de la Vera, Caceres

Men do penance by walking in procession through the town with their arms outstretched and bound to small tree trunks.

Los Escobazos - December - Jarandilla de la Vera, Caceres

At night, the town is illuminated by bonfires in the streets, and torches are made from burning brooms.