Fiestas in Aragon

Las Tamborradas (Maundy Thursday and Good Friday)

Teruel province - During Easter Week, brotherhoods of men wearing long black robes beat drums in mourning for Christ.

Las Tamboradas begins with 'the breaking of the hour' at midnight on Thursday in Hijar. The Tamborada in Calanda begins the following day at midday. The solemn drum rolls continue for several hours. Aching arms and bleeding hands are considered to be signs of religious devotion.

Carnival - February/March - Bielsa, Huesca

The protagonists of this fiesta (Right), known as Trangas, have rams' horns on their heads, blackened faces and teeth made of potatoes. They are said to represent fertility.

Romeria de Santa Orosia - 25 June - Yebra de Basa, Huesca

Pilgrims in folk costume carry St Orosia's skull to her shrine.

Dia del Pilar (12 October), Zaragoza

Aragon's distinctive folk dance, the jota, is performed everywhere during the city's festivities in honour of its patroness, the Virgin of the Pillar. On the Dia del Pilar there is a procession with cardboard giants, and a spectacular display of flowers dedicated to the Virgin.