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Comparisons for Telefonica broadband internet charges

If you live in Spain, then you will know that we pay way too much money for broadband internet services in Spain. To give you some idea about what it costs in Spain for a Telefonica owned broadband package, here is a comparison with British Telecom broad band package in the UK *:

BT Total Broadband Option 1

  • Minimum contract 18 months
  • Up to 20Mb broadband speed
  • Wireless BT Home Hub – worth £89.99
  • Free connection (no setup charges)
  • Basic online security with email antivirus, spam filters and parental controls
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi minutes: Unlimited access to more than 1 million BT FON and Openzone hotspots nationwide
  • 10GB monthly usage

Cost of the above broadband package:

  • £7.49 per month for first 3 months and then £14.49 per month
  • £9.49 line rental charge

Latest Movistar Broadband Offer

  • Line Installation - Worth : 83.53€ - Free
  • Wireless router - Value: 59.95€ - Free
  • One off set up fee – Cost:49.00€
  • Line speed not specified but likely to be 3 or 6mb

Broadband usage costs

  • 19.90€  per month during the first year
  • 41.90€  per month during the 2nd year
  • 13.97€ monthly line rental charge

Total cost of the BT broadband package for 2 years: £554.52 (677.40€*)

Total cost of the Movistar broadband package for 2 years: £784.82 (958.24€*)

* Correct as of 25/08/2010