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Soria town is the capital of the Soria province. Of Celt-Iberian origin and located at Duero river, it is bordered by the provinces of La Rioja, Zaragoza, Guadalajara, Segovia, and Burgos.

Soria is the least populated of all of Spain's provinces- in fact it is one of the lowest populated provinces in the European Union. There are a total of 183 municipalities in Soria, of which nearly half are hamlets of fewer than 100 people and of which only 12 have more than 1000 people.

Amazingly the province of Soria includes perhaps the biggest concentration of medieval castles in Europe, from the biggest castle of the continent to the small Arabic watch towers.

Among its many civil and religious buildings are many Romanesque structures. Special attention should be paid to the Palencia Medieval town with its outstanding Romanesque monuments. Amongst the major attractions are the beautiful cathedral and churches such as the Church of Santo Domingo, the Church of San Pedro and Cloister of San Juan de Duero.

The cathedral town of the province is El Burgo de Osma and it is the third largest municipality in the province of Soria.

Nearby are the ruins of Numantia, an ancient settlement that played a central role in the Celt-Iberian resistance to Roman conquest. Here Archaeologists uncovered the remains of Roman camps and evidence of settlements dating back to the Bronze Age.

Other towns in the Soria province


A small medieval town where Al-Mansur (the Moorish leader) was finally defeated by the Christians, after years of continuous victories.

Amongst the many visitors that come here are a large number of botanists as Calatanazor boasts the biggest and perhaps the best conserved forest of Incense Junipers in the world, now considered to be an endangered species.


A small town in the Sierra del Almuerzo (Sierra of Lunch). The most important attraction here is the church of San Caprasio.


Situated on the Alhama River with a 12th century church called Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Collado (The Church of Our Lady of Collado) situated at the town's highest vantage point.

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