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El Hierro

El Hierro, the most westerly of the islands of the archipelago, is triangular and has a coast of cliffs.

With a surface area of 278km2, it is the smallest of the islands and holds over 7,000 inhabitants. In the centre, there is a high plateau and its highest point is Malpaso (1,501m). It looks rugged and mountainous, with sheer cliffs reaching into the sea. An exception is the inlet known as El Golfo, a 14km stretch of slopes with forests, which is an interesting, curious place. Its soil is fertile and there are several elevations with pine, beech and savin-tree forest. The peaks have numerous volcanic craters.


The capital of the island with approx. 3,600 inhabitants and a pleasant and picturesque place with beautiful gardens, kitchen gardens and a lovely square from where the sea and the other islands can be seen. It has an interesting church-cum-fortress; El Puerto de la Estaca lies five kilometres away and the airport just a few kilometres from the capital.

The island of Hierro is an ideal place for peaceful holidays in touch with nature. The Parador lies about 10km from Valverde.

Places of interest in El Hierro


Lies on the inlet of El Golfo and is a rich wine-growing area of the island.


Famous for its medicinal waters.

La Restinga

Lies to the south of the island and is an excellent area for surface and underwater fishing.

El Tamaduste

A large natural pool of crystal-clear, calm waters.


It lies in the centre of the plateau and is very interesting because of the pyramids of ash in the green fields.

El Hierro
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