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The cost of your lifestyle

Let's say you liked me — loved me even. But I smoked. Then you found out I had lung cancer and three months to live. Would that make you quit smoking yourself?

You don't smoke? Well, let's say you loved me and I was fat, never exercised and then I had a heart attack.

Would you start an exercise program?


You would think it wouldn't be hard to come up with some gimmick.. perhaps even the truth, to make you change your life to avoid an early, debilitating, painful death. However statistics show something completely different: Two out of three will die of preventable diseases — mostly cancers and heart attacks related to a lifestyle of smoking, bad diets, habits, and sitting around all day internalizing stress.

Prevention is the key

Our insistence on killing ourselves off early raises a couple of vital questions.

  • First — if prevention works, why does the medical system do such a lousy job of helping people stay healthy?
  • Second — if the studies have conclusively proven that our lifestyle is killing us, how come we don't change?

It's your life

It's your kids and your spouse who will have to figure out what to do without you.

You're the one who is going to spend the last few decades of your life taking medication that typically only treat the symptoms. Ultimately you end your life stuck in a nursing home, hooked up to an oxygen tank, or in and out of hospitals.

You can't rely on the doctors and the hospitals to make you do what's good for you. They are in the disease treating business. They can help, but it's your problem.

Become active in the process

When someone begins the road to health as a chiropractic patient the initial part of that road is initially about feeling better. That road changes though to creating a lifestyle where health can actually exist! For this to occur there is often therealisation that you may have (inadvertently) created a lot of your own health problems. This awareness enables you to change the direction of your future health. This is an important step as healthcare has become a passive process. Moving from being passive, almost victim-like to being active and responsible for your health, you begin your journey towards better health. This is a rewarding moment for me as a doctor. After all the word doctor is derived from the Latin,docco, which means to teach. At Marbella Chiropractic we regularly hold health classes where you learn how to change your health through a optimally functioning spine and nervous system.

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on Friday, March 16, 2012 - 11:10